Academic Forum: Migrations, EU and armed forces

On Tuesday, 18 February 2020, New University hosted a third in a series of Academic Fora dedicated to the Future of the European Union, entitled: Migrations, EU and armed forces.

The chair, dr. Liliana Brožič, was joined by three distinguished speakers:

  • dr. Branimir Furlan (Military advisor of the Minister of defence),
  • Boštjan Šefic (Secretary, advisor of the Minister of defence) in 
  • dr. Rok Svetlič (Research Counsellor, Law Institute Science and Research Centre Koper). 

The third Academic forum was intended to discuss future challenges in the field of the EU’s joint foreign and security policy, with a focus on migration to the EU and the role of the armed forces in protecting the Schengen borders. Slovenia also faces some problems with the police and the Slovenian Armed Forces in protecting the state border, which indicates that migration is a very important topical issue. That’s why the discussion also offered possible solutions to tackle illegal migration more successfully in the future, both at national and EU level.

A video of a discusion can be viewed at: Euniverza.