e-Academic Forum of the New University: The Many Faces of Constitutional Backsliding in Central Europe

On Thursday, 4 June 2020, New University hosted the e-academic forum dedicated to the launch of the book on »The Impact of European Institutions on the Rule of Law and Democracy: Slovenia and Beyond«.

The speakers – Wojciech Sadurski (Challis Chair in Jurisprudence, The University of Sydney Law School), Gabor Halmai (Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law, European University Institute), Bojan Bugarič (Professor of Law, The University of Sheffield), Jernej Letnar Černič (Associate Professor of Human Rights, The New University) and Matej Avbelj (Professor of European Law, The New University) – took the book as its point of departure to discuss, in particular, the following questions:

  • What are the differences and similarities of the crises of constitutional democracy in Central Europe, with a special focus on Hungary, Poland and Slovenia?
  • What could and should be done about it on the national and supranational level?

A video of a e-academic forum can be viewed here.